The person most comfortable seeking ASAP drafts and sending daily (if not hourly) follow-ups may wind up setting priorities for an in-house legal team.

We call that person the “loudest voice”.

Often, the loudest voice isn’t running the most important deals.  It’s tempting to complete work for them just to silence the noise.

But this can pull you away from true priorities and cause legal to waste time.

Our recommendation:


  • Set clear legal team priorities (e.g. the higher the revenue, the higher the priority) or have senior leadership prioritize deals for you;
  • Set clear legal team timelines (e.g. 7 days for a draft from template, 14 days for a draft from scratch);
  • Get buy-in from senior leadership; and
  • Refer the loudest voice to the priorities and timelines set with buy-in to keep things objective and not personal. If that doesn’t work, referring the loudest voice directly to senior leadership helps put the resource allocation decision in the right hands.

Each Inter Alia lawyer has worked both in-house and in private practice. We love solving problems for our clients, and this blog gives some insight into how we do this practically and efficiently. If these tips speak to you, or you think we could help you, please contact

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