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The Lawyer Life Podcast covers the professional, personal, and political lives of lawyers. Hosts Mike Anderson and Darlene Tonelli use their experience across the music, media, and entertainment business to explore how lawyers can bring their A-game at work, home, and in their communities. We release new episodes every second week, on Friday afternoons. You can subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts to receive them as soon as they’re posted.

In Our Latest Episodes:

In our most recent episode, Pam Hrink joins us to draw lessons from the Raptors championship and highlight the importance of ongoing education for lawyers.

We also spoke recently with Catherine Chang, lawyer, coach and former head of both alumni and student programs at a major law firm, about belonging. We’re asking ourselves – how can we ensure all lawyers have a place to be authentic and thrive?

In addition, you’ll find podcasts about lawyering with kids, our book club, and Mike and Darlene’s interviews with lawyers who have done amazing things with their law degree, like Bob Rae, Deidra Dionne, Mark Sakamoto, and Erika Savage.

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