A major focus for us at Inter Alia Law is finding just the right lawyers to join our team. We look for lawyers who have worked in-house in demanding environments, and who have developed a great skillset that translates easily to many different types of business and corporate culture. A “can-do” attitude is fundamental, along with a genuine interest in helping our clients move their businesses forward. Well-rounded interests, including staying current on developments in popular culture, technology and entertainment, and a genuine focus on being good human beings to our families, friends, and communities, are also part of what we look for.

The great thing about this is that we meet a lot of amazing people. So, with that in mind, we wanted to take a few minutes to introduce some of the things that make our newest lawyer, Mike Anderson, such an excellent addition to our team and asset to our clients, beyond just his resume and educational background. For that information, please see LinkedIn or our Team Page.

Mike’s answers to a few questions we asked him give a good sense of his approach to life and law:

Is there a sentence that sums up your approach to practicing law? Explain.

“Wrap it up with a bow” – go the extra mile to keep things simple for the client. This informs how I draft emails (point form, preferably), give opinions (no fluff), and produce work products (customized for the client’s voice and brand).

The experience that changed your life was…

About ten years ago, I began a cross-country cycling trip with three friends in Halifax. I suffered an injury in Moncton and was sidelined for two weeks. I rejoined the group in Montreal and together, we cycled to Vancouver. As my friends flew home from Van, I returned to Moncton.  I cycled solo for nine days, and completed my journey in Montreal on a warm August day. I learned a lot about myself on that trip, but it was the generosity of Canadians that changed me – at every stop someone was there to offer their home (or yard for camping), a cup of tea, or a warm meal. To receive such support was imperative, and I try to pay that kindness forward each day.

Person that most inspires you and why:

Can I choose my family, or is that cheating?

 My mom worked as a seamstress. When my sister and I were small, mom would work at night and care for us during the day. My Dad worked as a salesman – first retail, then corporate sales. He was also a city counsellor, which was a ‘part time’ gig in my hometown of Waterloo (for him and the family alike).

 My wife has succeeded in an industry traditionally dominated by men, acting as a trailblazer and amazing role model for our daughter.

 They all are endlessly hard working, giving to community, and dedicated to family. That’s the model I try to follow.

 Music you’re listening to now:

Daniel Caesar’s new album Freudian.  Daniel just won “R&B / Soul Recording of the Year” at the 2018 Juno Awards. He was also nominated for “Artist of the Year.”

 Movie that Inspires you and why?

Spike Jonze released a short film called I’m Here in 2010.  On its face, it’s a love story about two hipster robots with a killer soundtrack. But really – it’s a film about community, compassion, anti-discrimination, and sacrifice.  I can’t get enough.

Most interesting project you’ve worked on to date:

ME to WE’s Track Your Impact program. It’s a licensing and services arrangement that makes it easy for consumers and brands to make a positive impact. Each purchase of a Track Your Impact product causes a charitable gift to be delivered overseas.

 It’s a win-win-win.  By featuring TYI on their products, brands make an impact and attract consumers that care.  Consumers feel good about making purchasing decisions that make the world a better place.  Community members in need (especially children) benefit by receiving clean water, health care, educational programming, food, and entrepreneurship training.  

 In 5 years I want to:

Teach my daughter to throw a fastball (she’s a toddler).

Why Inter Alia?

 Practicing with Inter Alia is the best of both worlds – I can serve innovative clients at a high level while following the example my family set – of balancing work, community, and family.  

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